A Storied Club History

While many in the membership know highlights of the Club’s history and tradition, and that the Club remains one of the oldest private courses in operation, few are aware of the Club’s early days and roots.The story, long and filled with unique details, illustrates the Club’s close ties, not just to the game of golf, but to the community of Wyoming in general.

Our very own Frank Woodside elegantly captures many of these wonderful stories in a recent article published in The Golf Collectors’ Society monthly publication, The Bulletin:  www.golfcollectors.com.

The full article can be read by clicking the link below, but a few interesting details about our Club’s history rise to the top:

  • The original layout was developed on the piece of land where Pendery, Wentworth & Burns Avenues intersect. Our great high school now sits there!
  • The first layout was only six holes, with three loops of the course required to complete 18 holes.
  • In the early years, the Club exemplified the concept of “neighborhood golf” as the course routing crossed homes, intersections and streets.

The complete article provides many more interesting tidbits, including the original course map from George Kinsey, who built the initial layout.”.

Kudos to Frank Woodside for documenting this rich history, and for digging deep to uncover our great past.

Neighborly Golf by Frank Woodside


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